ACT preparations approaching soon.

The ACT, a test that can determine what college you get accepted into has specified dates on which it can be taken and one of those dates happen to be next month, Dec.3rd. Students can apply by going to their counselor and speaking to them about the registration.

That is not the only deadline approaching either. College scholarship applications are due two days before the ACT on Dec.1rst. Students need to apply for potential scholarships that they’re interested in receiving before graduation. To do so you also have to speak with your counselor about the issue.

Besides registration, certain classes that are needed for graduation will be available to take over the summer for a credit, allowing students to free up some space in schedule the next year. The two classes available now are Personal Finance and Health, both needed for graduation.

“I find this to be a huge relief now that I can free up a space next year for an extra class by taking Personal Finance online, I’m really glad they’re doing this.” said Junior Akil Bunch.

One more deadline is also approaching soon, but not for students. Counselor Ms. Ahearn, who deals with students with last names AI- C, she’s due to give birth to her first child next week, In her absence due to maternity, Ms. Johnson, who retired last year, will be returning to FHC to take Ahearn’s place temporarily.