Back from the dead

Hi, guys. I’m still alive, if you were wondering. I sincerely apologize for my descent off of the face of the earth as of late, and rather than starting on the same tired tangent of how I can’t focus enough to put up a blog, I’ll just fill you in on what’s been going on in my life since the last time we talked. Join me, will you?

Well, well, well, where should we begin? School, as usual, is dragging like a sandbag attached to my buttocks. It seems to be becoming harder and harder to give a crap in the classroom, even in subjects that I generally enjoy. My mental picture of class is quickly becoming the glances up from a snooze, and my arms have made the transition from a writing tool to a pillow. For your own sake, I’ll save you from a blog centered around “senioritis”, but needless to say… I’ve got a fever.

Bigger business is on the horizon, you see. At the beginning of November, my transcripts and application were sent off to Columbia, where hopefully someone from the office of admissions at Mizzou was waiting with open arms and a big, red stamp that says “APPROVED” (isn’t that how they do things?), and is just looking for the perfect time to slap that sucker down. Meanwhile, I’ve played the waiting game: one of the most agonizing games to play when it surrounds such an important step in your life. To add fuel to the fire… Mizzou is my only choice. Because, as you know, I’m a bum and haven’t applied anywhere else. If they deny me, I fear that I’ll have missed the deadlines for other colleges. SCC is not for me.

One of the bright spots in my life since our last encounter is actually very recent: the FHC football banquet. Held this past Monday, it couldn’t have gone any better. Getting back together with my team, eating some dang good food, it felt good. Each senior was recognized in a speech by a coach who chose them, and Coach Greco chose me — I couldn’t have picked a better coach to do so. Everything he said meant the world to me. Every struggle during the season, everything, it made it all worth it. I can’t thank that man enough.

Sniff, sniff, anyway. Away from the school, my bum self finally got off the couch and got a job. I still didn’t want to grow up, though, so I’m a part-time Toys ‘R’ Us kid. I hope you enjoyed your Black Friday, because I enjoyed 13 straight hours of listening to Christmas music and Miley Cyrus tunes, and fielding questions about tablets for 5 year olds. While I love my job, I was seeing hallucinations of video games on my bathroom sink for days after that shift.

So overall, my life is developing while staying exactly the same. Chop-chop time with college is drawing near, Football had it’s last hurrah, and my lazy self is finally racking in the dough. Still with me, buddy?

See you next week. This time, I promise.