Cheering through the winter

With the winter sports starting their seasons, the cheerleaders make the shift from cheering at football games to cheering at basketball and wrestling events. For some, including senior Renee Sanford, the winter sporting events are her favorite season.

“I like when the other team’s cheerleaders go back and forth with us, and try out-tumbling us” said Sanford.

This season, seniors Danielle Austin and Nicole Kuhlmann have been chosen as the captains. The two are excited to showcase the new cheers the team has been working on.

The basketball games are known to draw large crowds of rowdy spectators, which is part of what make them so entertaining. The half-time cheer performances are a crowd favorite. The first varsity basketball game of the season where the squad will be performing will be held on Dec. 10th. The team will continue working on their routine in preparation for their upcoming performance.