Lost in the cold (or lack thereof)

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of wintry weather. Up until today, however, it really hasn’t felt like that in St. Charles. Something has been off about the season as a whole until now and I’ve been trying to put my finger on it.

Granted, Justin Bieber didn’t release a new Christmas compilation album this year, but I but I don’t want to place all the blame on poor Justin just yet.

First off, this weather has been pretty kooky. Highs in the 70’s into early December are unheard of, and much like a heroin junkie, I am in desperate need of a snow day ASAP. We only had a few last year, so I’m banking on a heavy dose of ice and snow this season to give me a couple breaks next semester.

Surroundings are generally less cheery as well. Maybe it’s because I’m currently enveloped in the forever happy musical world of ‘White Christmas’ every night as I prepare for my show next weekend, but there seems to be a lack of energy and ‘yuletide joy’ for most people I’m coming into contact with.

I might just be jumping the gun, but I’ve always been quick to get to the point. I wait for months, every year, for winter to roll around and my patience is wearing thin, so I sincerely hope that things take a turn for the colder. For one thing, it will significantly improve my day to day mood. If I could, I would be living knee deep in snow somewhere like Minnesota.

Truly, “I’m dreaming of a White Christmas,” but my chances are slim considering that I will be spending the holidays with my mother and family in Yuma, Arizona (the hottest city in the United States). But hey, anything can happen.

One can only hope.

Shoot your questions comments and concerns to [email protected] or tweet @thehippestcat if you think you’ve solved my winter dilemma or you have an ‘in’ with Jack Frost so we can get the ball rolling.