The story continues

The light at the end of the tunnel appeared after a 15-minute skype conversation — a brief chat with Dr. Hrayr Shahinian of the Skull Base Institute that began unraveling the medical mystery of senior, Amanda Pelletier.

Amanda had become an enigma to 25 medical professionals until Sept. 28, when the five-and-a-half month struggle for answers became clear for the Pelletiers. They were pleased to hear that there was finally hope to finding a solution for the 1.2 cm cyst located on the pineal gland in Amanda’s brain.

The Pelletier family has now endured an eight-month period, waiting for a Dec. 20 brain surgery to finally end this struggle. Not only has Amanda managed this tough medical situation, this has affected every area of her life.

In the December issue of the Central Focus, her story was told, and her journey was brought to light. has taken her story one step further with more in-depth coverage as her struggle continues.

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Lastly if you would like to purchase a “Get rowdy and bleed blue and silver” shirt to support Amanda’s surgical fund, you can email [email protected]. Shirts will not be ordered until after the first of the new year and will cost $10.