Don’t get too close (you might go deaf)

My band The Ragstripes played at Cicero’s down in the Loop last Thursday. On the bill alongside us was The Weekend Routine, A Perfect Disaster, and The Ruthless. Being the least known and newest-to-the-scene band we played first. Our set was five songs long in addition to the intro we came up with. We played our originals “Moosejaw,””Like Lions,””Don’t Get Too Close to the Water,””Headache,” and “Running With Scissors.” A video of us playing “Running With Scissors” can be found on our Facebook page.

After us was The Weekend Routine, a pop-punk band featuring senior Cody Jones. A profile on them can be found here. The Weekend Routine played four originals and a few covers. The first cover was “Body Bag” by a band called Hit the Lights, a big influence on The Weekend Routine. The second cover they played was the well-known hit “Weightless” by All Time Low. They even tacked on the chorus of One Direction’s super-hit “What Makes You Beautiful” at the end of their last song, an original called “On The Floor”.

After The Weekend Routine was done playing A Perfect Disaster took the stage. They opened with their mellow (and only) original song which you can find on Facebook. After that they played what seemed like an endless slew somewhat cliche pop-punk covers including “Sugar, We’re Going Down” by Fall Out Boy, “All The Small Things” by blink-182, and “My Friends Over You” by New Found Glory. However, while these covers weren’t necessarily unique, they weren’t bad either.

Unfortunately, I had to leave after A Perfect Disaster was done playing so I didn’t get to watch The Ruthless, but I heard they were good. This Sunday I’m playing another show with The Weekend Routine, as well as Clockwork up at Brewskeez in O’Fallon at 5 o’clock! Tickets are $5 in advance and only $7 at the door so if you’re free (you should be since The Walking Dead isn’t on again for a couple months) and you like music then come support the local scene and hang out with us.