On Monday, the male Studsations joined their female dance instructors, the Sensations. This week, the Sensations began to mold the “studs” into dancers to be their dance partners. They will perform their new dance at the basketball game on Feb. 22 and at the winter pep assembly.

“Some of the dance is part guys and part girls, and another part is us dancing with the guys,” said junior Jennifer Wesley.

Wesley’s partner is junior Dillon Hornbuckle. Hornbuckle is excited to be a stud and is pleased with being Wesley’s partner.

“I could not have picked a better partner,” said Hornbuckle.

The ladies demonstrate to the men what to do for a trick, and then help them learn as they try it for themselves.

“It’s fun because we’re friends, so it’s not awkward,” said Wesley.

Juniors Allison Benney, Jessica Hyde, Stephanie Henry, Keagan Lumpa, Tiffany Olderworth and Jordan Sneed created the dance for the Studsations. As the team distributes responsibility for choreographing dances, the juniors are historically in charge of the Studsation dance. After the studs and Sensations dance together, an award will be given to the “Stud of the Year.”

“I just love to dance,” said Hornbuckle.