Turf field only months away

The turf field, which is scheduled to be installed at Central and Francis Howell North, are only months away from arriving. Mr. Scott Harris, the activities director at Central, says that the turf will be installed after the completion of the spring sports season.

His reasoning for this is so the soccer and track teams would not have to be displaced while the turf would have been installed. Harris wanted to make sure every activity gets a fair shot using the turf, and that’s why he made sure the turf installation wasn’t spring sports ended.

“I didn’t want to displace the girls soccer team, or the track team, because they shouldn’t have to play on a field farther away from the school,” Harris said. “By getting the turf installation done in the summer, everyone next year will get a fair chance to use the turf.”

Currently, Harris is a part of a committee which is discussing what type of logo should be at the center of the field. Since the District is only paying for the turf field, both North and Central must not only find a brand to pay for the logo, but decide on what the logo will essentially be.

“We are currently discussing what brand could sponsor the payment of the logo, and what exactly our logo will be,” Harris said. “there are many options we have as to what our logo will be.”

“Either way, it’s our job to pay for the logo since the District will not,” Harris added.

There is plenty of time to discuss the matter, since installation won’t begin for five months, but the anticipation for not only the turf field itself, but the logo on the field, will surely rise as the months go on.