Winter Activities to do list

Francis Howell Central has plenty of winter activities that anyone could find interesting. The only trouble one would have is choosing which activity to do.

Not only does being involved in a school activity look good for colleges, it also helps build confidence as well as meet and work with new people. You are able to feel what its like to achieve something that you put everything you have into.

“It takes motivation; it takes commitment to go to school all day, do your sport or activity and do your homework at night. I also believe that being motivated is an intrinsic thing, it has to come from inside you, so everybody is motivated to a different degree,” explains Activities Director Mr. Scott Harris.

Being apart of an activity doesn’t mean that you have to be a part of a sport you also have winter guard, winter drumline, scholar quiz bowl, and theatre. With those, you are able to express your imagination and your love for the arts and music.

Sports consist of wrestling, basketball, soccer and many others. All of which have winter conditioning, and indoor practices. There you are able to physically and mentally push yourself. You work with your teammates to win your tournament, game or match.

Harris takes pride in the effort that his students put forth and the well earned achievements. They are able to practice every night and keep up with their school work.

“Its fun for me to see how hard they work, and its fun for the students and coaches to see that hard work pay off when a team and the individuals get better.” Harris further compliments.

Winter activities are a great opportunity to meet and work with people you might not have ever talked to. You get to express different sides of yourself with some friendly competition.