That time of the year again

Last year introduced online scheduling as an alternative to paper scheduling. Due to its success, the guidance office is continuing the online scheduling method from now to January 24th. According to Guidance Counselor Ms. Bargeon the online schedule change is due to preparing students for the future.

“I think it’s great that we’re implementing online scheduling, everything is available in a drop down menu and is much more accessible than last years’ model. One of the reasons we started online scheduling was that it would prepare students for the future, due to colleges taking online applications, online applications for jobs, housing and more.”

There is actually a video located on the site you register for classes that can teach students how to use the online scheduling if they’re having trouble with the format. All ends of the online scheduling seem to be taken care of, as computers are available in the library for students to fill out their online schedules.

Besides online scheduling, Registration for AP testing is also coming up. Ms. Gang in the guidance office will be distributing registration sheets to teachers who teach AP classes, the students are to fill them out then turn them into Ms. Gang with their money and registration.