2013-14 publications students announced

Below is the list of students who will become members of FHC Publications for the 2013-14 school year.

If you are going to be new to staff, you will need to email Mr. Schott at [email protected] to get some further information about next year. You need to email Mr. Schott by Monday, Jan. 28. In the remainder of the school year, there will be two meetings, likely in early April and early May, for each publication. Each publication will also have a summer camp, during which work for the 2013-14 school year will begin in earnest.


CENTRAL FOCUS – Please enroll in Newspaper Production

Sakara Alejo

Ben Berberich

Dohen Gallagher

Madelyn Newton

Erin Schroeder

Ben Morrison

Abbey Schneider

Claire Richardson

Darby Copleand

Kortney Sheahan

Abby Kaplan

Tori Cooper

Emily Klohr

Erika Paar

Erin Rowland

Kennedy Meyer

Taylor Stone

Ashleigh Harding

Erica Swanson

Courtney Jones

Emily Herd

Caitlyn Sanders

Joey Silver

Ilene Holder

Olivia Biondo

Kayla Schoenig

Rachel Large

Elexis Geers

Katelyn Viola

Madison Viola

Kendall Morris

Hannah Beckman

Madi W.

Tyler Tran

Frank Lunatto


ODYSSEY – Please enroll in Yearbook Production

Tanner Early

Katie Evans

Sarah Lupescu

Mandy Ratcliff

Courtney Riportella

Julia Becker

Katie Crank

Courtney Hemphill

Brittney Kennedy

Kaylin Knapp

Ashley Marlo

Zach Grau

Danielle Deweese

Satiah Duval

Olivia Natoli

Kayla Montgomery

Haley Allen

Nadeen Ahmed

Katelyn Rey

Mia Baker

Nora Frank

Jessie Smith

Kim Kirkman