Gangnam goes global

It can be heard on radios around the world. Some love it and some hate it. While “Gangnam Style” is arguably one of the most catchy songs in a while, most people, like junior Taylor Stone, have no idea what it says.

“I think that it’s ignorant for a song that no one even knows [the meaning of] to make it to the top of the iTunes music charts,” said Stone.

However, what is indisputable is the song’s global popularity. The song, sung by the South Korean artist PSY, is referring to a region in South Korea known for its flashy and expensive style. While topping musical charts all over the world, from the UK to Australia, according to, “Gangnam Style” is the first song by a Korean artist to top the British charts.

“Gangnam Style” is breaking both borders and records; on Dec. 21, 2012 “Gangnam Style” was the first YouTube video to receive one billion views, and currently the video has 1.2 billion views. Not even more well-known music like “Call Me Maybe,” or Justin Bieber’s “Baby” has reached this popularity on YouTube. This is definitely surprising to some, like Stone.

“It shows the rock bottom of America’s musical style,” said Stone.

Though there are only three words in English throughout the chorus of the song, for many the draw is the catchy dance that goes along with the song. There is the lasso, the ride-the-pony, followed by the side-step. And while people may not like the song, the dance is a different story.

“I’m a fan of the dance. It’s just so catchy. It’s so cheesy, but I like cheese,” said Stone.