Getting into the swing of things

The boys’ golf team is hitting a good streak with their last tournament.


Early last week, the varsity boys’ golf team won a match against Howell North; this week they continued their upward streak with captain CJ Eddy placing sixth in a tournament with 70 or more people.

The tournament had schools from all over the area, according to junior Kevin Flett, who was at the match Tuesday.

“Schools like Troy, Fort Zumwalt West, Howell, Timberland, Liberty, Lafayette, most of the catholic schools were there like Saint Dominic,” Flett said.

Despite the fierce competition at the tournament, both the first and second person placed in the top ten; sophomore Marcus Falcomata placed the second highest on the team with  16 with a score of 88, Eddy shot an 82. The six point difference made for a ten place discretion. Last week’s match was an important one for the team because it was against North.

“The North match was exactly a week earlier. CJ played against their player one and he either beat or matched their one, we got one point for that. I lost mine, they got 2 points for that and our 3 won his, our 4 lost, and our 5 won. Overall it was stroke play, and then the match play points helped, we ended up winning by one stroke, which is crazy,” Falcomata said.

It meant more to the team than a win because of last years’ record with North.

“Last year, our varsity team didn’t win a single match and we’ve played fine all year so it was very important to win the match against North. One because they’re rivals and two because it was our last match and we wanted to make our mark and be better than last year’s varsity team. We think we can play better still but it was really important for us to win against Howell North because they’re like the team that’s just as bad as us,” Falcomata said.

The tournament was hosted by Elsberry High School at a course called Sun Valley.

“We played a tournament at Sun Valley course against a bunch of other schools in our area. It was a varsity tournament. I believe we had one guy come in sixth place, so we placed pretty high in this tournament as a team too,” Flett said.

The tournament this week was just as important though because the team did quite well as a whole.

“Overall, I think we did pretty good, we finished in the top half of the teams. There’s probably ten teams in our division we probably finished in fourth or fifth I think, but I’m not 100 percent on that because they don’t tell you where you are after first or second place,” Flett said.

The team seems to have upped their performance in the last few matches, the real time to shine will come with GAC’s in the next month.