School cheers Sensations on in nationals

This weekend, the Sensations competed at UDA Nationals in Orlando, Fla.. They were dancing against teams from across the country, making it to finals for both their hip hop and jazz routines. The team ended the weekend earning eighth place in hip hop and 20th in jazz.

“We were really excited about eighth place because we wanted to get top 10 and we beat Howell,” junior Cassidy Luer said. “We were also excited to be in finals for jazz.”

While the dance team was competing, FHC was communicating their own good luck wishes, and later congratulations, over social media such as Twitter.

“We loved seeing the tweets and support from the school,” junior dancer Courtney Luer said.

While the student body was tweeting support to their dancers, the Studsations shared their annual video to cheer the Sensations on to victory in nationals. The Studsations are male dance partners who the female Sensations have been teaching and preparing a routine with.

“We felt so loved,” said Cassidy. “It made us proud to be Sensations.”

The team appreciated this support, as they were dancing against the best of the best teams in the nation. Each team was within a few points of each other during the competition.

“There isn’t a bad team there,” said junior Jessica Hyde. “Everyone is so good.”

Each team, including the Sensations, practiced countless hours for their routines to be flawless. Since November, the Sensations have practiced or performed these two routines five, six, or seven days a week.

“We just wanted to make everyone proud,” said Cassidy.