26 Acts Of J Kindness

Just a short time ago, Newtown’s heartbreak had a lot of us asking, “What can we do?” In a time of hopelessness, American journalist Ann Curry took it upon herself to start 26 Acts of Kindness, a nationwide pay-it-forward tribute to the 26 victims at Sandy Hook Elementary.

Following her example, the staff of FHCtoday decided to extend her recent campaign to many of the nation’s top high school publications in honor of Scholastic Journalism Week, Feb. 17-23.

The goals of #26ActsOfJKindness are encouragement and continuity — to lead the way for scores of publications across the nation to brighten the days of other publications and so forth. Every staff member for FHCtoday.com took it upon themselves to write up a journalistic admiration for each high school newswebsite in hopes that they too would follow suit for other publications.

On behalf of FHCtoday.com and The Central Focus, we encourage everyone to read each staff member’s write up and check some of the nation’s best publications in celebration of Scholastic Journalism Week.

Each day this week we will add another round of journalistic admirations.

El Estoque

Online Gargoyle

The Roar

The Prowler

The Broadview

The HiLite

The Murmur


The Dart

Eagle Eye

Lincoln Log

The Harbinger

The Comet News

Play Newsmag


Crimson Record

The Paly Voice

The Surveyor

El Toro

The Wayland Student Press

Westside Wired


Niles West News

PN Media

The Rider

Magnet Tribune

The Little Hawk