El Estoque

To the El Estoque Staff,

When I went to El Estoque I was immediately hit with a wealth of information — but more importantly accessible information. As a fellow web designer I can really appreciate your layout on the homepage and throughout the site, as it was very easy to navigate and sort through.

Scrolling down, I soon felt like I was “in the know” when it came to Monta Vista High School. Nearly every facet of the school seems to be represented upon first impression, and upon reading some stories over soccer and a lockdown on Jan. 25, that supposition was quickly reinforced.

I admire your use of varied media types to present stories. The time lapse video for Club Day and Q&A dialog over a teacher’s tattoos were innovative and refreshing. Additionally, I also thoroughly enjoyed the photo of the day box, it was a nice element and another fun window into life at Monta Vista.

Overall, a very professional and informative site that I hope to emanate in respect to coverage and design.


Sean Gundersen