Online Gargoyle

Online Gargoyle Staff,

I found myself pondering your website and I thought you all would love to know how impressive I found the site. To start, the timeliness of your website is flawless. Noticing at least one article update a day. For example, the movie Warm Bodies released on the first, and your site had an article up about it by the fourth. I also think that the fading picture slide on the main screen is a really neat and an interactive way for their to be more than one article highlighted on the opening screen, one from each section and finally I love idea for an “Editors’ picks” section. This is a perfect opportunity to draw people into your site. I personally started my adventure on your site by clicking on the Editorial Cartoon, this immediately got me interested to read more on the site. The idea on tags on the web, is awesome too. From that cartoon I clicked the editorial cartoon tag, where I found myself looking at the Langston vs the closed elevator. I think having cartoons if awesome, if I had the ability to draw, I’d love for it to be published for all to see. All in all, I can tell you all spend a lot of time on your site, and definitely deserve to be praised for it. I hope you all keep up the good work.


Abbey Schneider