The Roar

Hi to the staff of The Roar!

I came across your website through my advisor, Mr. Matthew Schott. We’re in St. Charles, Missouri, at Francis Howell Central High School. Along with my fellow editors, I run the Central Focus, our newsmagazine – and also am involved with our website,

I thumbed through (well, virtually!) your issues from October and November 2012 and wanted to tell y’all to keep the pace – your newsmagazine is really impressive! I’m in total admiration that you manage to put out such a well-organized, well-designed, and well-written publication every month with only 13 staffers. You all must put a lot of work into every issue.

Your design is clean and fits your content so well. You manage to keep the layouts fresh on every page while still making it look put together (and your fonts are gorgeous, by the way). Every story’s words look so crisp and showcase your in-depth writing. I really love the infographic that compliments your feature “Budget on the Ballot” in November. It’s quick and attention-grabbing, which I know is hard to accomplish with coverage of budgeting and school administration (high schoolers). The red accents are perfect.

I checked out your website, too. Kudos on getting photos for every update – that’s a feat. You’ve got some lengthy stories on there as well – something I hope will inspire my staff with their web coverage.

I wish your staff luck for the rest of the year!


Maddie Wilson