The Prowler

Staff of the Prowler,

Hi all! My name is James Pugh and I am a senior editor for Francis Howell Central’s Central Focus, in St. Charles, Missouri.

I have checked out your website, and took a quick look at a few issues of your school paper as well, and I have to say that I’m impressed. Your layout is a little different than ours, but I like that I was able to find the stories for each sport or activity quickly and easily. Also, after checking all of your sections out on the website, I noticed that you have a graphic for each individual story, That is something that we don’t take the time to do, so congrats for that! Also, HUGE props for having a daily broadcast! Ours only comes out about once a month, right around the time of the paper.

As far as your paper goes, I LOVED how colorful everything was, and how design heavy it was. It reads more like a magazine and is very fun and kept my attention very well. Good job on your publications!

Keep up the good work!

James Pugh