Spirit Week celebrates diversity

‘Twas the week before Winter Formal and all through FHC, students celebrate … diversity? Typically before a big dance, such as Homecoming, STUCO plans and promotes a spirit week, but for Winter Homecoming, the club changed the week as a way to celebrate more than just school spirit, as junior member Jessica Hyde explains.

“Originally, we came up with a bunch of ideas and tweeted them out. To vote for a day, students could favorite the tweets with the ideas they liked best. That way, anyone who wanted to vote could,” Hyde said.

But after a mixup with scheduling, STUCO decided to embrace Diversity Week, which was planned as a way to promote cultural diversity, since February is Black History Month.

“We were told there was miscommunication between Dr. Arnel and Ms. Pohlman, so Diversity Week was scheduled for the same week as Spirit Week. Since neither could be rescheduled for another time, the Diversity Week themes became Spirit Week,” said Hyde.

The themes for Diversity Week are as follows: Tuesday is Dress Like Your Dream Job Day, Wednesday is Mix-It-Up Day, Thursday is Rainbow Day, and Friday is Crazy Hair Day.

“[Diversity Week] adds to the idea of cultural awareness. I think that awareness can help with understanding other people and cultures, and understanding leads to getting along with people who have different beliefs than you,” Hyde said.

The dance will be held this Saturday, from 7-10 p.m. in the small gym, with tickets on sale this week at lunches for $15.