The Murmur

Dear Murmur News,

I was able to look at your website over the past few weeks, and as far as high school websites go, it is fairly clean and polished. It is structured well, and makes an effective use of white space (something that is rare to find on the internet).

There are some fairly innovative things on your website too. Something that stood out to me, which I had never seen before, was the use of a Spotify playlist directly embedded into your site. Since a playlist a frequent feature in our paper (in plain old text form), the idea struck me as a resourceful use of the power that is available over the internet.

The layout is pretty well structured, and is pretty easy to navigate. I love the way you use visuals with almost all of the stories, though it tends to increase the load time, where it can be either slow or impossible to load, especially on mobile devices. But nonetheless, it creates an impressive effect when viewing it on a computer.

Your news stories tend to be fairly localized, so while I was not able to connect with some of them, I was impressed with the more general stories, or the broader scoped ones. In particular, the story on your front page involving Michigan gun laws, while not pertaining to my state, was still easy to understand and connect with, since gun laws are something that is being considered on a national level.