Dear Mavlifenews,

Hi! I’m Evan Pagano, a student at Francis Howell Central high school, all the way over in Cottleville, Missouri. I am a staff reporter for the school newspaper, Central Focus, and the website, I recently ran across your website and was very impressed with what you guys are doing.

The first thing that I noticed (and became jealous of) was the fact that you guys have a podcast. I think something missing in school publications is the voice of students through mediums besides text, so I love the fact that you give your staff an ACTUAL voice. Your blogs area is diverse and entertaining as well. A lot of the reporters you have on staff are very talented writers, which showed especially true in “We All Have a Story: MavLife Staffers Open Up About Bullying.” I really liked the addition of the resources at the end of the story, because it really brought things together and showed the purpose of the article instead of just saying, “Hey, I was bullied.” All of the articles seem to be on relevant issues that people need to know.

On the subject of the actual layout of the website, I think what you guys have is very easy to navigate and is pleasing to the eye. Bravo!

Overall, you guys seem to be a very respectable and professional high school publication. Keep doing what you’re doing!


Evan Pagano

[email protected]