Snow day relieves students

The unofficial “Thorpe Report” had students and teachers in a buzz all day Wednesday Feb. 20 for the inevitable — snow day.

“I’m putting my money on [Superintendent] Pam Sloan waiting it out to call school until we are already here. That way we still get credit for the school day,” said physical science teacher Scott Thorpe.

As it turns out, the once infallible predictions of Thorpe have fallen. Wednesday night, just after 9:00 p.m. FHSD promptly cancelled school for Thursday Feb. 21, following suit with other districts such as Wentzville and Rockwood.

The cancellation came in wake of what many local news stations were calling a predominantly icy winter storm for most of Missouri.

For students and teachers at FHC, the early cancellation was a smart call and a huge relief.

“I am voting ‘good call’. Getting it done the night before, allows everyone to prepare for the chaos of the day,” said science teacher Patrick Reed. “The forecast is solid.”

For most, safety and a remedy to sleep deprivation were the biggest concerns of the day.

“I love knowing the night before,” said sophomore Gina Simmons. “That way I can sleep in and not have to worry about making it to school safely the next day.”

UPDATE 02/21 5:12pm: FHSD will be closed Fri. Feb. 22 as well.

View FHC attendance area snowfall map in a larger map