Dear Newsstreak staff,

My name is Madelyn Newton and I am one of the editors of the Central Focus newspaper in St. Peters, Missouri. I just want to let you know how impressive your website and work is. After browsing through your site, the stories and photos were all interesting and entertaining.

I enjoyed looking through the features on your website, including the quizzes and interactive 365 day graphic. These are very fun for students and keep people engaged in your website. I found the quizzes to be witty and comical and they kept me entertained.

One of the other great qualities I saw in your website was the timeliness of your updates and how frequent your staff is posting. The stories are very informative for readers and you do a good job of updating on relevant information.

I also like how your website leaves room for comments from readers. It helps to know what people think of your work and it is helpful for you guys as a staff. Overall, I was really impressed with the work both the writers and photographers do. I can tell you work very hard as a staff and only put out your best work. Nice job with your website and I encourage you to keep up the great work!

Maddie Newton