The Paly Voice

Staff of The Paly Voice,

Having been on our publications staff, I’ve seen a countless number of websites. I’ve seen hundreds of pre-made templates that leave you thirsting for a touch of originality. However, when I stumbled upon The Paly Voice’s website, I was immersed in a beautifully designed website that made me want to sit and stay awhile.

I’m thoroughly impressed by the design and layout of the website. It’s clean, organized and appealing to the eyes. However, the best part of this website, is the mass amount of photography and graphics utilized throughout. I envy this ability to integrate so many photos on the website, and I know how much time and dedication it takes to be able to find a good, multimedia component to each story (as well as their staff size and amazing separate J-building). The photos drew me into a story that I probably would have never read otherwise (I can’t say I would have ever delved right into Paige Esterly’s story about the robotics team without the awesome looking robot in the photo it was paired with). With the stories I read, it shows that their writers are talented. But everyone of them should tip their hats to the photographers who are in charge of catching the reader’s’ eye and getting them to read the stories.

It was a pleasure to visit this website, which stands as a great model to any Scholastic website. My only regret is that, as a senior, I won’t get to encounter any of the staff on future conferences and tell this to them in person.

Shoot on, photogs. Shoot on.

Kelci Davis