El Toro

El Toro news staff,

Hey there! My name is Kellie Grezinger, I am a staff reporter at Francis Howell Central High School’s paper, Central Focus.

I was quite impressed by reading through a few articles on The El Toro website. It seems as though they have a perfect mixture of fact and opinion throughout the site. Also, the general layout is easily accessible and I found myself clicking from one story to the next– which is the whole point.

I also checked out the digital version of your paper. It is short, but I really liked the general layout of the paper. It’s organized really well and has great visuals. The writing style of the writing is very concrete and tells the story in such a way that then readers can visualize the information.

One specific article that I thought was quite interesting was “Students Take Adderall for SAT.” I think it was definitely a risky choice to bring the problem into the light, but it was necessary to get out into the open. The article itself is extremely well-written. Kudos!

Also, I enjoyed the “Fact of the Day” part on your website. It’s definitely a cool addition to the website. Keep up all the good work, well done ETbulletin!

Kellie Grezinger