Westside Wired

Westside Wired staff,

I am a member of the Central Focus, a newspaper belonging to Francis Howell Central High School in St. Charles, Missouri. My fellow staff members and I are participating in “acts of J-kindness,” which is ultimately the reason for this note. I had the pleasure of encountering your website recently, and after reviewing it and clicking on as many links as I could, I can honestly say that I am impressed with the things you folks in Omaha have done. I particularly found your regularly updated poles, complete with instant results, to be one of the site’s finest attributes. The topics on which you poll your readers are always interesting and relevant, and I applaud the level of consistency that you have reached in updating them.

During the course of my exploration of your website, I was very pleased to find numerous links to your Twitter page. Twitter is something that FHCToday (the online home of the Central Focus) makes continuous use of, so I was more than happy to encounter another publication that was enthusiastic about social media as ours. Your sporting event updates are impressively extensive, something that I’m sure your readers appreciate.

I highly respect those who have the patience and dedication to put out such a great publication, and I understand the amount of work that is required of all its staff members. Keep up the great work, you guys definitely have Westside High wired.

Kyle Pyatt