Niles West News

Niles West News Staff,

Hello, My name is Kortney Sheahan, I attend Francis Howell Central high school, in Cottleville Missouri. I am a photographer for the newspaper, the Central Focus and our website

I would like to commend the Niles West News on some quality work I discovered. I really enjoyed that your website has a tweet of the week because it gives fellow students a chance to be involved with the website. Also, I liked the idea of a photo every week because that shows that you are constantly changing things to keep the site updated. I laughed out loud at your “anti-spam quiz”, I thought that it was a creative touch because I can’t stand unmangling random numbers or letters that are intertwined. Another aspect of your website that I like was that you do a video of your morning announcements everyday. At my school most classes are too talkative and you are unable to hear the speaker, so I typically miss anything that could be important. In my opinion the Niles West News does an awesome job maintaining the site and keepin’ it fresh!


Kortney Sheahan