The Rider

Staff of The Rider,

Hey I’m Tori Cooper , staff reporter, from Francis Howell Central in St. Charles, Mo. I’ve recently been on your website, and let me say I’m extremely impressed.

The Rider Online is very easy to navigate. I was happy that I was able to know exactly where your stories were located and which were the most recent. That helped alot with what I knew I would want to read. I did find one thing that I loved! It was your photo archive.

I found it neat that you have a separate place for photos like that. My favorite out of all the photos had to have been “Seniors Kalyn Dixon and Oshane Wilson are coronated king and queen of the 2012 homecoming court.” I felt as if i was caught in that moment with them. The photo was full of emotion which was clearly displayed on their faces.

My favorite piece of your writing is definitely “Brothers Deal With Difficulty of Father Coach” by Maria Castillo. I love this profile. The beginning really drew me in. I could see the pool in my head and Tullbane brother’s emotions before their swim practice begins. Keep up the good work guys!

Tori Cooper