Dear FHNtoday.com,

Greetings from Cottleville! I’m Evan Pagano, a staff reporter for the Central Focus and FHCtoday.com over at Francis Howell Central. Your site was recently brought to my attention, and I must say I admire what you guys are doing.

The first thing I noticed is the life of the site. Sometimes viewing the website for a school publication is like taking a stroll through a neglected graveyard, with the most recent article usually not in the current year. FHNtoday, however, is updated regularly and often with stories that people would actually care about. It brings life to each area of your school, especially athletics. Your news is very timely and useful.

The site design is easy on the eyes, and nothing seems out of place. The photography is original and of good quality. Your editors deserve a pat on the back: I couldn’t find a typo even if I tried. Quality writing and quality presentation of said writing.

Overall, you guys seem like a very polished, hard working publication. Stay at it, dudes!


Evan Pagano