Fun in the wonderland

Today is another snow day, Spartans. While that news may come as a delight to most, to some it means an additional day of cabin fever. Complaints of boredom and stir craziness will pop up on the Twitter feed by midday, somehow making this free day off seem like a bad thing.

It does not have to be that way, however. The white, snow-laden landscape should not serve as a blockade that keeps you from venturing past your doorstep — within it lies endless opportunities to make this cancellation of school one to remember.

What are these opportunities, you ask? Here are just a few:

Go sledding

Tried and true, sledding is something that can give any type of person a good time in the snow. For the thrillseeker, there are massive, steep drop offs that put some roller coasters to shame. For the easy going type of person, there are gradual slopes that are just fast enough to be fun, yet just slow enough to allow you to take in the winter atmosphere.

Have a snowball fight

This activity can bring the most “mature” of snow-goers back to their childhood. Whether it is a playful one-on-one battle with your significant other, or full-blown guerrilla warfare between massive armies of friends, one is sure to be left laughing — and exhausted — when the battle is all said and done.

Go for a walk

Sometimes, the only way to appreciate a good snow is by leaving the house and just exploring town. Grab a friend or loved one, bundle up, and set out on a winter’s journey. While scouting new places is sure to be intriguing, even walking your normal path can be spiced up with a fresh coat of snow on top.

Drink hot chocolate

This one is for you, lazy. Yes, you can stay inside. But at least open a window, talk to a buddy, and enjoy some marshmallowy goodness as you watch cars spin their wheels on the road outside.

Make real snow cones

Got any snow cone juice? Drop those ice cubes and unplug that blender. Head outside and do it like the eskimos do.

That list hardly makes a dent in the piles upon piles of fun opportunities that this snow day raises. So, what the heck are you doing? Get out there; It won’t stick around forever.