Sensations’ season ends with disappointing placing

Throughout the year, the Sensations have won first place in two competitions for their hip hop routine, second and third place for their jazz routine, and are ranked nationally as 20th for jazz and eighth for hip hop. After competing at state this weekend, the dance team won third place for hip hop and did not place for jazz or overall. Although the dancers felt good about the dances, they were disappointed with the placings.

“Hip hop felt amazing, it felt like the best time we danced to me,” senior Emily Snider said. “Although that didn’t reflect in the placing.”

After performing, the team was emotional, but happy. The coaches and dancers were all pleased with the performance.

“We were all hugging and excited,” said sophomore Breanna Gajewski. “In the moment, we didn’t care how we placed.”

Although this excitement did not translate into a higher placing, the dancers felt that they danced their best. This competition does not change their outlook on the season.

“We did everything we could to make [the dance] look its best,” Snider said. “We had a strong hip hop dance that we thought would place well.”

Now, as the year comes to a close for the Sensations, the juniors and sophomores look forward to next year. They have high expectations for what they will accomplish in the coming season.

“I’m looking forward to continuing the legacy and going back to nationals and trying to break top five,” said Gajewski.