Top tweeters on Twitter

Twitter has quickly evolved into a social media network full of unfunny parody accounts and petty subtweets, making it almost unbearable to visit on a routine basis. That’s only if you’re following the wrong people, however. There are certainly diamonds in the rough – you just have to wade through the “Tweet Like A Girl” nonsense and the tweets dedicated to sloths to get to them.

Since I’m feeling generous today, I’ve decided to make it a little easier on you. I’ve picked out five of my favorite people from the entertainment world that I follow on Twitter that have provided me with a lot laughs, as well as provoked some thought, and made my visits to Twitter a little more bearable. No need to thank me, I’m just trying to save you from those dastardly “Life as a Bro” tweets.

Andy Milonakis – @AndyMilonakis

“The Andy Milonakis Show” was a staple of my childhood (that’s weird to say). It had a profound effect on shaping the sense of humor I have today, and ever since it went off the air in 2007, I’ve been craving more of Milonakis’ random musings. Suffice to say, Milonakis’ tweets have satisfied said cravings. He holds nothing back, making it much more cruder than his show. Exactly what I like.

“@AndyMilonakis: I got an early PS4, should I do one of those videos where you break something that everyone wants? Those videos are super *****ish”

Blake Anderson – @UncleBlazer

A “Workaholics” fan since day one, I’ve witness first hand the ever growing popularity of my favorite show on television. The shenanigans of Blake (that’s my name, too), Adam, and Ders never ceases to humor me, but their tweets are arguably even more hysterical. I would list all three if I could, but if I had to choose, Blake easily is at the top of the tweeting game. His stoner humor is grade A, and when he interacts with the other “Workaholics” boys, it’s a treat. Give them all a follow.

“@UncleBlazer: I truly believe we will see the Cool Ranch Crunch Wrap Supreme in our lifetime. That’s like moon landing type ****.”

CM Punk – @CMPunk

Not so fast, my friend. CM Punk may be a professional wrestler, which may not float your boat, but don’t expect him to tweet nothing but wrestling theme song lyrics and his training regimen 24/7. In fact, that’s not the case at all. Punk’s tweets consist of a variety of things, ranging from nerdisms, pop culture references, and daily observations of the human race. His Twitter feed kind of reminds me of my own, save for the fact that I don’t have 1.5 million followers.

“@CMPunk: Might see how fat I can get for Wrestlemania.”

Nathan Williams – @wavves

If you follow me on Twitter, odds are your feed is bombarded with things I’ve retweeted from @wavves, the personal Twitter account of Nathan Williams, the frontman of the band Wavves, who has a knack for tweeting some of the retweetable things out there. Food, social commentary, his Best Coast’s cat, and everything in between are just a few things Williams likes to tweet about, and if you enjoy his music or if you just want some laughs, this man certainly warrants a follow.

“@wavves: Rt if lebrons receding hairline is really an analogy 4 our slow but imminent death”

Tyler Lemco – @tlemco

While Tyler Lemco isn’t Harley or Muscles Glasses, he is a notable personality on the hit YouTube show “Epic Meal Time,” which means this cannot possibly be a bad person to follow. If you’ve ever wondered what the EMT boys do when they’re not stuffing their faces with artery clogging bacon, Lemco’s account gives some insight. Watch out for his infamous pictures with celebrities where half his face is cut off!

“@tlemco: If I ever win an Oscar, I promise to launch it into the crowd after saying “Pretty boy swag” and dropping the mic. #oscars”

That’s all, folks. Give those guys a follow and I guarantee your Twitter experience will be enhanced tenfold. Or don’t listen to me and don’t follow them. Take your pick. At least follow me, @The_Blake_Beck, though.