Burton recognized by district

Screaming for joy as superintendent Dr.Pam Sloan approached her desk with flowers, Mrs. April Burton knew exactly what was happening. After being awarded FHC’s Teacher of the Year, Mrs. Burton was selected as the Francis Howell School District Teacher of the Year on Tuesday March 5.

Mrs. Burton was in shock after the administrators revealed she had received this prestigious award because of the number of teachers that she was running against. The teacher of the year from every school is put into a new running for the district and Mrs. Burton was very appreciative and surprised that she had been chosen.

“[This award] is at a magnitude that I don’t understand. I’ve always respected Teacher of the Year so much and to think I’m part of that is just beyond belief,” Mrs. Burton said. “This is a great district with a lot of great teachers and it is unbelievable to me to be chosen.”

Not only is this an honor to Mrs. Burton but also to the school. Principal Sonny Arnel feels having the district teacher of the year represents the high standards all of the teachers at this school live up to.

“It is a special recognition that we have a building full of great teachers and I am excited that those are the type of teachers we have,” Dr. Arnel said. “I am just super happy she’s here and gets to work with our kids and I am very happy to have her on staff.”

After absorbing some immediate shock from this honorable award, Mrs. Burton is still curious as to why she received this over so many other teachers. She feels her hard work is paying off and administrators have realized the work that goes into being a great teacher.

“I feel like I do my job and I work really really hard to do my job so I am guessing that’s why [she was chosen]. I really hope it is because my hard work is being recognized,” Mrs. Burton said

Receiving this type of award is not possible without her students, according to Mrs. Burton. The students inspire her and she feels that they are the reason she has won this award.

“I learn from [my students] and they motivate me because when I see them smiling or want to work hard for me it makes me want to do my job well. They literally say thank you for assigning me this work, and it is so rewarding,” Mrs. Burton said.

Mrs. Burton’s achievements have been an not only an honor for her, but for her students and administrators as well, according Dr. Arnel. He feels she has deserved this award because she takes her job seriously and cares about her students.

“I was ecstatic when I found out she had won. I love her attitude towards her students and the learning profession. She has such a passion for student learning and the craft of a teacher and she determines the best way for her students to learn,” Dr. Arnel said.