Meet the boys’ swim team

Who are the swimmers that make up the boys swim team?


Tuesday night at 4:00 pm the boys swim team started the season with a bang when they faced off against John Burroughs High School and won with a victory of 98-81.

While pleased with their victory- sophomore Alex Anderson from the varsity team knows there is always room for improvement and plans to better his time of 22.95 seconds in the 50 meter freestyle event.

“To improve my time,” says Anderson, “I plan on working hard in practice and keeping a positive mindset.”   

Another returning face to the swim team this year is senior Cooper Redington from the varsity swim team, who is known for his 500 meter freestyle event with a time of 507.73 seconds. When thinking about his favorite memory from the past three years he remembers his close call at GAC’s,

“I was a last leg of the 400 meter free relay in GAC’s and we made state by .2 seconds,”, Cooper said. His response when asked how he planned to get an even faster time was simply, “Go faster and have a faster stroke.”

The boys swim team has several new underclassmen this year including Kyle Clauser, a freshman swimmer on the junior varsity team who has been swimming for the past four years.

I was a last leg of the 400 meter free relay in GAC’s and we made state by .2 seconds”

— Cooper Redington

When we asked him how he planned to improve his impressive personal record of 112 seconds in the 100 meter backstroke he replied,

“I need to work on my endurance, and work hard during practices”  He also told us that so far his favorite memory with the FHC boys swim team is going on a trip to springfield and spilling his coffee all over his teammates.

There is no denying that this year is shaping up to be a great one for the boys swim team if their victory against John Burroughs is any indication. If you are interested in cheering on Alex, Cooper, Kyle, and the spartan swim team their next game is Wednesday at 8:30pm against our school rivals the Francis Howell vikings.

For more information click below for the link to the games schedule of the boys swim team for the 2017-2018 school year.