Concert review: Imagine Dragons at The Pageant

Four score and two weeks ago, St.Louis was “graced” to have the newly famous band Imagine Dragons headlining at The Pageant down in the Delmar loop, with two opening acts; Nico Vega and Atlas Genius. This was the first time I had the chance to catch the all of these bands. In fact, I had never even heard of Nico Vega until the night of, but of course that didn’t matter, I had come to see the main event.

The show kicked off with Nico Vega, maybe you’ve heard their only kind of famous song, Beast, on the commercials for the new game, BioShock Infinite. Now, it was clear to me this band was comfortable in front of a huge audience, which I have found uncommon for the band opening for the opening band at most shows. The lead singer, Aja Volkman, was full of life, flawless stage performance and despite the audience not knowing any of their music, everybody was singing along by the end.

Atlas Genius’s roadies proceeded to change the stage in hazard suits and blue masks, hilarious, the most reaction that Atlas Genius got out of the crowd all night. They finally hit the stage minutes later, again, I wasn’t too familiar with this band, something I will regret until I get another chance to see them. They perform phenomenal live. The lead singer had a voice that could lull me to sleep. Possibly not the best decision in between two rowdy bands. The crowd was very less than satisfied throughout the set, standing nearly silent until their one hit “Trojans”, but as far as I’m concerned, they were one of the better bands I had ever heard live. St. Louis was graced with true talent, not just catchy music, during their set.

Finally the main attraction, Imagine Dragons was in the spotlight, everyone was screaming and chanting as the lights came on, it revealed multiple unique drums. The set started with the song “Round and Round”, nothing spectacular, just them playing… (If you’re a fan, stop reading now.) As the set continued, I realized, there was nothing spectacular… about anything. Absolutely pitiful stage premorance, no interaction with the crowd. You might as well have been at home, watching them on tv.

My horrible experience at the Imagine Dragons show, may not have been all of their fault though. The crowd was one of the most annoying crowds I had ever been a part of. Throughout all of their songs they wouldn’t stop screaming. Even during instrumental breakdowns. By the end of their coined hit, “Radioactive”, I was ready to punch all of the crowd members in my general vicinity. When the band had finished their final song, “It’s Time” the crowd almost seemed puzzled as to what they should do next, and that’s when it occurred to me. The majority of the audience had probably never been to “real” show. One with mosh pit, and no seats. I proceeded to ask seven strangers around me if my prediction was true. It was.

So here’s my tips to for the first timers:

5-Do not take pictures or video the whole set

I mean I get it, you want to show all your friends how cool you are, it’s your first show. Take a picture, take 20, just don’t take 809. Your camera WILL be in somebodies view of the stage.

4- Do not check Twitter every ten seconds

You paid money to get into the show, enjoy it dude. Posting your 809 pictures can wait an hour. Plus, I kid you not, you have no idea who will look over your shoulder and figure out your Twitter handle. To this day, there are three people from the Coheed and Cambria show that follow me on Twitter. How’d they get my handle? Looking over my shoulder while I was on my phone. (in between sets, of course.)

3-Don’t push your way to the front/let people through to the front

The early bird gets the worm, if they showed up two hours earlier than you, they deserve the better spot, sorry and let me warn you, don’t fall for the whole “My friend is up there” trick. If you let anybody through, everybody around you, WILL hate you.

2-Keep your eyes open

Depending on the show you’re attending, you have no idea when a mosh is going to start, or a crowd surfer overhead. Be ready for anything.

1-Don’t shout out requests

This is a pet peeve of mine, stop. Shouting a song title will not change the band’s set. They will play what they planned. You’ll just be wasting your breath.

Enjoy the show, don’t be the show.
Good luck newbie.