Summer fun

If any of you are like me (or just a regular person) you’ve got some great plans lined up this summer. However, three months (roughly) is a long time and sometimes you just run out of things to do. I thought I was going to have one of those summers, but after looking up what concerts are coming up this summer, I know for a fact that I’m not. Some of my favorite bands are coming to town and I’m stoked.

First off is The Menzingers on June 6th. I first saw these guys at Warped Tour 2011 on one of the side stages and I was blown away. I had never heard of them before that day but instantly became a fan after they opened with their song “Sunday Morning”. I downloaded their music (…legally, of course…) and have been jamming to them since. They’re a really cool punk rock band, and I do mean punk rock, and they’re playing at The Firebird which is a great venue. Not to mention tickets are only $13.

Next up we have The Front Bottoms on June 23. I saw these guys last April when they came with Say Anything and immediately fell in love. They’re an indie pop-punk/folk band that flawlessly mix fun and serious. The singer/songwriter’s lyrics are not only cheeky and sometimes brutally honest but also personal, yet in a way that’s completely accessible and relatable. They’re one of if not the biggest influence on my own writing and to be honest I’m most excited for this concert. This one is also at The Firebird and is also only $13, an absolute steal.

Next we have Fall Out Boy on June 28. After their recent reunion, they released a single that introduces a brand new Fall Out Boy to the world, but with the same flare they had before their split. I’m still working on getting my ticket for this show but regardless of whether or not I can go I’m still super excited for a band I’ve loved since I was 13 to be back together. This show is at The Pageant but is unfortunately sold out. However, if you’re one of the lucky couple hundred that has tickets be sure to have fun and save rock n roll for the rest of us.

Finally my favorite band of all time, Say Anything , is coming on June 29. I first got into these guys after hearing their song “Hate Everyone” my sophomore year. The lead singer/songwriter Max Bemis is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met (he even signed my guitar) and he always reaches out to his fans. They recently released a three disc set of their rarities and early demos from their formative years which is what they’re touring for this time around. What’s really cool is that Max used to be embarrassed by their old stuff and would never play it, but now they’re having a whole tour dedicated to just that. This one is at Pop’s and is only about $20. They’re also playing with his wife’s band Eisley, who are also a great band. This one’s going to be fun.

If you’re looking for stuff to do this summer, there’s no shortage of talented bands to go see for more than reasonable prices.