Far from a “Sophomore Slump”

Four years ago — an oddly difficult time period for me to describe — I first entered the hallways of FHC. Much the same, four years ago, my favorite band decided the spotlight was too big, the music was all wrong, and the time was far from right.

On multiple occasions, I recall melting away to the final farewell in “What A Catch Donnie,” off Folie A Deux, knowing that all hope was gone, knowing that they were never getting back together.

Today I’m happy to relay that the spotlight is still big, but the music is sure, and the time is so right I can hardly believe it. And thus, Fall Out Boy has emerged from the shadows at the end of my highschool days to save my sanity — and rock ‘n roll (coincidentally, the name of their comeback LP is also entitled “Save Rock and Roll”).

The music and members of Fall Out Boy have forever made up the bulk of my reasoning for existence and the jolt to get me through the best and the worst of days. Over the years, I’ve dutifully completed my homework and lived my life to every album, every cover, every b-side — though it’s a bit of a stretch, I might possibly owe my impending future at a top tier college to my favorite band.

I must admit that the second semester of my senior year has been an absolute dream; though the seasons are in disarray, my life has finally straightened out as I prepare to start the next chapter of my life. In retrospect, FOB’s hiatus might’ve actually been a blessing in disguise in that I’m glad Fall Out Boy and I are embarking on our new chapters together at the same time.

We’ve collectively had a sunset in our veins for a decade and I can’t wait to see what they and myself will produce in the future. Though our endgames are uncertain, our hopes and spirits are higher than ever. The metaphorical clouds have passed and the Rainy Day Kids and I will once again take the world by storm.

As modeled from a quote from the great Kurt Vonnegut — Everything is Fall Out Boy and nothing hurts.

As always, send your questions, comments, and concerns to [email protected] or tweet @thehippestcat. And be sure to pick up your own copy of “Save Rock and Roll,” it truly is a masterful album, and the deserving soundtrack to my summer.