AP Homeland

The end is nigh.

Despite lukewarm temperatures, I’ve taken to cranking up the heat in my car and rolling down the windows to blast tunes throughout St. Chuck. It’s summer in my heart and high school has nearly reached the end of its days and Northwestern University is glowing on the horizon — and I feel fine.

I’ve yet to contract the deadly “senioritis,” but I have somehow managed to pick up and complete another strenuous class amongst my already trying workload. At the beginning of April I started an intensive class that I managed to complete in two weeks: AP “Homeland.”

I began watching the hit Showtime drama per the recommendation of my step mother. Though weary at first, I latched on to the show like a remora on a whale. Terrorism, conspiracies, bipolarity, oh my! I was in television heaven.

The performances of Claire Danes and the legendary Mandy Patinkin as overworked CIA agents in the midst of national crisis are something out of this world. (I’d even offer that the emotional range of the show was only matched by my favorite show of all time, “Lost”) At the end of the two seasons, I would’ve taken a bullet for either Danes or Patinkin as they continue their valiant efforts amongst a web of conflicts and roadblocks including the US Government itself.

Oddly enough, the day I planned to watch the final three episodes, our country witnessed a Homeland Security crisis of its own. Though the exact motives for the Boston Marathon bombings are still shrouded in uncertainty, it was certainly sobering to see a likeness of the events on the television program transcend to real life; leveling to feel the churning of subaqueous American nationalism on two starkly contrasting levels.

I watched the final episodes with a heavy heart and took into consideration a real-life impact of the show, which made the experience all the more rich and rewarding. Unfortunately, I had demolished the 24 episodes in no time and all and am now forced to sit in agonizing anticipation until October when Homeland returns to Showtime.

In the meantime, I’ll be attempting to finish the fourth season and the first half of the fifth season of Breaking Bad before the summer hits. I’ll keep you updated on my adventures with Bryan Cranston and his deepening journey into the rabbit hole, though I doubt I’ll find any deeper meaning in conjunction with his drug filled escapades.

So in conclusion, keep perspective in life and multi-task. Finish that calculus homework while fighting terrorism on the couch. Keep calm and watch on my friend.

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