Mr. Dauve

I generally like to keep my interactions with teachers at a bare minimum, but that’s not to say there aren’t any special teachers that I enjoy talking to. The teacher I’m about to praise is definitely one of those special teachers. Upon entering his classroom as a sophomore, I instantly knew this guy was going to be one of my favorite teachers. His sense of humor — I don’t think he ever made a bad joke during my time in his classroom — was one thing, but he also seemed genuinely interested in what he was teaching. An enthusiastic teacher who loves his profession is hard to come by these days, and this man personifies that trait.

Usually when I pass by teachers in the hallway I tend to avoid them like Yersinia pestis, but my sophomore Biology teacher is an exception. It always nice to have a quick discussion about the St. Louis Rams with him or just stop and say hello. After all, this teacher made me realize that not all teachers are villains and boring. This teacher made me realize that teachers can also double as acquaintances. This teacher is Mr. Scott Dauve.