Mrs. Miller

Most students stumble into her classroom because they are required to have two years of a foreign language class. Or like me where taking another year of Spanish was decided merely because I’d already taken three years, why not one more?

It’s a rare occasion for a student to come across a teacher who can make learning the material interesting and entertaining, a teacher who can take a joke and laugh with you instead of yell at you for an unnecessary comment. Unlike the normal notetaking setting, where the teacher stands in front of the class and points at a bunch of different bullet points and instructs us to jot them down, she forces us to recall any previous information we remember on the specific subject. Therefore, we’re not constantly relying on her for information.

She is the kind of teacher that you will tell your future children about, tell them stories about the classroom environment and the goofy conversations that would take up the majority of class time. Then the dreadful bell would ring and you’d realize that your favorite class is over and you have to depart for your next subject, which is never nearly as amusing as her’s.

Lucky for me, I get to walk into her classroom everyday for my entire senior year also, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you Dr.Jennifer Miller, I appreciate you.