Mrs. Scott

I have never loved science, in fact I hated it. I thought it was only for “smart people.” How I ended up in an honors science class is beyond me. Yet, as I entered this room, the thing that caught my eye wasn’t the posters, or the equipment in back, or even the swordfish above the board, nope. It was this crazy outfitted gal in the front of the room.

However insignificant it was, for some reason I will never forget that first day of Honors Biology when that same crazy outfitted lady soon explained her getup about five minutes after the bell had rung. She took off her lab coat with an excess of random items attached to it, revealing one of the most fashionable outfits I had ever seen a teacher wearing, maybe the the most fashionable outfit I had ever seen in our school — including the students.

“Write down as many items from my lab coat as you can remember,” she said.

That was the first lesson she taught me: observation is key.

As the first day continued she went on to explain many aspects of her life. This jumped out at me, she told real life stories and wanted to hear ours in return. She has always seemed so genuine towards everybody she communicates with. It’s truly amazing. I have never seen her talk down any of her students, which is impressive, especially because I didn’t have the most cooperative class.

Her lessons always hit me, it was like there was a moral intertwined with everything she taught. You truly learn every second in her class. Overall, the most important lesson that she taught me is that science is cool, which may seem basic, but she made me realize I love science, and it’s what I want to do for the rest of my life.

She is Mrs. LuAnne Scott.