Mr. Schott

Very rarely does any student have the opportunity to be taught by the same teacher all four years of high school. Even more rarely does any student enjoy being taught by that teacher each year. There are too many flukes, too many classes, too many teachers for this to happen. Yet, I am an exception to that rule. Though I am a junior, I have had one teacher since day one of high school and will continue to have him until my final day.

His classes are not traditionally styled, yet I have learned more in his class than any other. As student-led classrooms, editors are chosen to lead the class. This setup has prepared me for the real-world workplace more than any other high school classroom could. However, just because his publications are student-run does not mean that he, as the adviser, does not play an enormous role. I can’t count the number of times he has helped me or given me suggestions, and he does this for every student countless times.

His students are not unhappy in his room, yet receive every opportunity to succeed. Producing tangible items in the classroom can often be stressful, but is also highly rewarding. Many awards and compliments are given to what we do, proof of our success. What’s odd is that while producing these items, it never fails to be a good time. So many jokes, memories and laughs take place in room 139.

His passion for what he does is not hidden, but instead drives him and his students to work even harder. I can honestly say that I have never seen a teacher more passionate about what he does. Simply the number of his tweets related to journalism reflect this, even if a bit obnoxious. He is always encouraging and pushing students to produce their best work.

These 350 words can not fully honor the man who wears ties to show his anger and refuses to publish anything lower than our best work, but, all the same, I’d like to offer a thank you to my newspaper adviser, Mr. Matthew Schott.