Mrs. Hessel

In the midst of pressures, the constant barrage of homework, and stress, to find yourself in a classroom that encourages questions is seen as a haven. Knowing that your teacher will do everything in her power to help you succeed simply can’t be beat. Along with her insistence that her students, ranging from Algebra 1 to Math Analysis, are up to speed, this teacher will go above and beyond, making sure every student knows that she has their best interests in mind.

If not for her three straight months of wearing Christmas sweaters, or her unashamed blaring of holiday music during finals review, her cheerful disposition and positive attitude have made her one of FHC’s most beloved teachers. Without her, we would all live the rest of our lives believing that the limit exists. Thank you, Mrs. Karen Hessel, for your determined mindset in teaching math and your devotion to leading your students.