Mr. Kruse

Normally I don’t enjoy gym class. It’s the one class that I worry the most about, mostly if I’m going to know anyone. I walked into that gym scared out of my mind. The teacher was standing there on his phone waiting on everyone to show up. I will admit I was intimidated by him. I thought he was going to be the strict, crabby, and conceited teacher. I was so wrong.

I began to enjoy his class, seeing as I had made a few friends that I could hang around for that period. The teacher loved to joke around with the class and make smart remarks just to get under our skin. It took a little while to get use to his sense of humor. I wasn’t really used to a teacher making fun of his students for doing or saying dumb things. Luckily, he never really messed with me or really even talked to me. Until the day he asked me a question “Do you play any sports?”

That question was the start of constant remarks regarding becoming a thrower. Everyday he would question if I was going to come to a practice. At one point he even told me that I had shoes that looked like thrower’s shoes. I thought that he was trying way too hard to get me into this sport.

Honestly, I wasn’t that interested in throwing a shot put or a disc. Everyday I hoped that he would forget about it, or even let it go. I should’ve known better than to even let myself believe that. He continued to hassle me about it until I finally told him I would come check it out. I walked into Room 003 not knowing what to expect. I never thought that going to that practice would make me change my mind.

That day I made my decision to become a thrower. The teacher finally got his way, and I am happy to say that I’m glad he did. I’ve never loved a sport so much in my life, and having an amazing coach makes it enjoyable. He always helps us throwers get to where he wants us. He may give us crap in the process, but he gives us the amount of training that he believes we need. I feel honored that he even considered having me apart of his team. Without him I would never have even thought about becoming a thrower. He has helped me find a new side of myself that I never knew was there. All I can say is thank you to Coach Kurt Kruse.