Mr. Lober

I have always been lucky in the way of history teachers. They have always been engaging, interesting, and more importantly, they’ve always taught me what I needed to know and more. This year is no different.

He begins every class by discussing current events, or asking what we’ve done over the weekend, a pleasant change from many classes which the teacher simply dives right into the lesson. After he’s had us talk for a bit, it’s time to get on with the lesson for the day.

We’re his first AP European History class, and so he doesn’t always have a tried-and-true method for teaching a unit. Instead, he asks for our input, something that is unique to his class, and something many students appreciate.

He asks us for our honest opinions about the methods he uses and asks us if we have any suggestions for improvement. He took those suggestions to heart, doing something teachers rarely do: take student opinion on their own education.

That, for me, is pretty monumental. A teacher who is able to take honest criticism and student suggestion, in their best interest, is something I never experienced. In his class, you get the feeling that he sincerely cares about not only your grades, but what you learn, and what you take with you when you leave his classroom. I appreciate you, Mr. Donald Lober.