Ms. King

Getting a chance to get away from all of the other students and be in an environment that you know is suited for you is something kids strive to get. That is something that this teacher gives to all the students who pass through her door. Whether you are in her class or not, you can always count on the fact that you will be greeted with a smile and be in a good environment. This teacher does more than just teach; she gives a select group of students the opportunity to challenge themselves.

Being a gifted student, you face a few challenges throughout the day. First off, sometimes in classes you don’t feel challenged. Secondly, there are those students that just don’t care. When you walk into this class its like a home away from home. Everyone there wants to do well and learn. This teacher doesn’t necessarily have to teach like most teachers do. She gets to lead or sometimes even sit back and relax and watch her students have in-depth conversations on the latest news on her smart board or the topic they are choosing to research for that quarter.

This amazing teacher not only teaches a class, but is involved in two different after school activities. She leads the ever brilliant scholar quiz bowl team and gets to help the creative theater kids. She embraces the two sides of the students that she teaches in her after school activities. This teacher makes you truly feel appreciated and feel at home when you’re around them. She will always do her best to make sure that you are kept up with the current school news by reading the news letter every day something new comes up.

When I switch schools as I progress in grade I always wonder how my Spectra teachers can possibly get any better and this year once again my expectations have been blown out of the water. That’s why I want to appreciate Mama King for giving me a place where I can not only get away from the struggles of high school, but a place that I feel at home in.