Ms. Beckmann

Walking into school at 7:00 am every weekday can be difficult for many students. We are all tired from the previous night, whether it is from a long practice the day before, working long hours, or pulling all nighters to finish homework. Even though i’m one of those tired students, I still look forward to going to first hour every morning, and it is all due to having an excellent teacher to start my day with.

This teacher started teaching my class in the middle of first quarter when the original teacher unexpectedly switched jobs. We were all nervous at first to meet our new teacher. We had no idea who it could be or what to expect. My first impression of her was that she was funny and laid back, but what I didn’t realize was how caring she would be toward all of us.

No matter what learning capability any of us have, she still believes in every single one of us. If someone doesn’t understand something she comes up with different examples that they can relate to until they understand that concept. She also knows that early in the morning we’re all exhausted, so she comes up with ways she can make class fun and starts all of our mornings in a positive and happy way.

Overall, her courage and confidence is moving. The way she teaches is unexplainable, she manages to do so without being condescending, and to relates to every student. She is funny. She is kind. She is inspiring.

She is Ms. Jennifer Beckmann.