Mrs. Spoede

For many, math is the low point of their day, the thorn in their side, the deep grey cumulonimbus hanging over freedom at 2:20. Call me crazy, but over the years, numbers have become my best friends, equations and I have seen each other through the good and the bad — and it’s all thanks to the increasingly wonderful math teachers I’ve had at FHC.

In theory, first hour AP Calculus BC is a chore; however, no declaration could be more wrong. This teacher breathes life and complete understanding into a seemingly impossible subject with precise ease. Throughout the year, our class has come to know variables as “critters,” and accept the fact that even though a problem may turn into a “sticky wicket” or become “real nasty,” it will all be alright in the end.

While I do not feel that my life will ever put me in a position where I must apply the fundamental theorems of calculus, I am thankful for the immense knowledge I have garnered from this teacher over my senior year, and I can’t imagine tackling this subject without her at the helm. That is why I must thank Mrs. Sharon Spoede from the bottom of my heart, she will be sincerely missed by FHC.