Mrs. Switzer

I remember my sophomore year, two years ago. I was confused and barely had any real direction or idea of who I was or who I wanted to be. Towards mid first quarter that all changed; I had taken an art class that would change my life forever. In this class I realized that art was an essential part in my life. It was the reason I got up in the morning, the reason I was excited for school. Not only was the class a huge impact on my life, it was the teacher that really initiated this sudden realization.

Every new project we started it was like a new adventure into my mind, daring me to do what I told myself I couldn’t. And when I really thought I couldn’t go any further, the teacher would push me even farther. I would tell her “Hey, this is done and I’m really proud of it, what do you think?” She’d say it wasn’t done, and I could do more.

I did do more; I learned that after I thought I was done with something, I’d look at it and ask myself what I could add to it, how I could make it better. The teacher of this class was so influential on my life that I wanted to be just like her when I grew up. I wanted to have the same impact on peoples’ lives, and open them up to art.

I cannot thank Mrs. Judy Switzer enough for being the teacher that she was and still is. Thank you Mrs. Switz, you’ve helped me more in my life than you know. I appreciate everything you’ve done as a teacher; you’re one of the best.